The U.S. is about to dump a big number two on Argentina!

And by that of course, I mean this numero dos:

Glassware all over Buenos Aires is trembling in anticipation for the arrival of Ryan #2 (El Dos) on April 21st. I guess I better stock-up on champagne flutes in case he gets lonely.

Those of you who don’t know this character, THIS is the guy who for the months leading up to our Europe trip kept going on and on about how excited he was to be going to Europe for the first time in his life! Somewhere around day two of the trip, we were sitting in front of the Pantheon in Paris at which point he casually mentioned that the neighborhood reminded him of the time when he was 13 and in Denmark. Apparently, Scandinavia has only recently become a part of Europe…

So I am very excited to welcome Ryan to South America for the first time…other than the time he was in BRAZIL!

In other news, after fighting the funk for a week, I finally got the nasty cold that’s been threatening me since San Diego, so the last few days I’ve been laying low. This is all fine as we’ve still been having shite weather. Luckily, Bella was able to motivate me to go for a walk this morning so we could catch our daily dose of cloud. Stopped at a cafe and for only 10 pesos (3$ US) grabbed coffee, three small croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a $25 Savings Bond.

On the way back, happened to walk right by something I’d taken a picture of a year ago. Check out the miracle of modern timelapse photography:



Please keep the comments coming! I love hearing from you all!

~ by parlatorepazzo on March 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “”

  1. Three croissants huh, yeh. Hope you stat feeling better. It looks like a different dog. Don’t see the white. Perhaps another picture would be better. Love M.O.Ry.

  2. Rub red wine on your chest while drinking a dark beer. Chases colds away. If you traded Bella for that dog, trade back!
    Love, bj

  3. Why is the dog in jail?


  4. Doug, they do that when you still someone’s steak. And apparently the penalty is atleast a year.

  5. you lie. i’ve never been to denmark. it was sweden. SWEDEN! that’s it. i’m cancelling my ticket.

  6. Newsflash, Einstein. Sweden is still Europe.

  7. When’s Lucille #2 going to arrive? C’MON! Say hi to all of the happy dead cows (steak) for Magda.

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