Let’s start off with a round of the game “What the HELL are they selling?”

…because I really don’t think they’re selling ice cream.

So it was bound to happen. After a few days of being sick, rained on, and feeling lonely, I got nailed with a major dose of homesickness. It shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise, considering that it’s happened before, will probably happen again, and is most certainly a part of the human condition. The fact that I’d even read about this beforehand didn’t even help. In reality, there are 5 emotional stages of moving to (or living in for an extended period). Even found an article online about it:

Looking at that list, I think I hit steps 2 and 3 at roughly the same time…something like “I don’t want any more fucking empanadas…when what I REALLY need is a cheeseburger from the Waterfront in San Diego…on Kettner Street…Two blocks from my old…*sigh*”

I’m grateful that in this case it didn’t last very long. A few things help to jolt me out of the funk. First of all, the sun has FINALLY come out…which means all of you who have been begging for more pictures will finally be getting them. Secondly, I’ve been drinking mate like a madman and it seems to have kicked this cold’s ass. Thirdly, I’m actually starting to feel like I have some friends here. Between the local Buenos Aires expatriot website and a nice couple (Gina-Marie and Javier) who have befriended me regardless of the fact that I did not rent their apartment, I am expanding my network of English speaking friends. That’s not to say that I don’t like speaking Spanish with the locals, but being that my skills are far from perfect, it takes constant attention and mental focus to have a halfway decent conversation in Spanish. There’s something to be said for the effortlessness of a casual English conversation, even if it’s with a complete stranger.

So today, I think I entered Stage Four. I successfully took the bus (more on those later) to the Jumbo store in Palermo (as you can guess by the name it’s huge), bought some stuff for the kitchen for which my landlord has promised to reimburse me, went to the gym, bought chicken and vegetables so I can test out my new kitchen gear tonight, and had some more fucking empanadas for lunch…exquisite, beautiful, amazingly tasty, flaky-crusted and perfectly-spiced, fucking empanadas. We were on the outs for a few days, but we’ve gotten back together and are wondering why we ever parted…especially when they are prepared for me by this sweet old toothless man across the street who actually told me that I have to order them in even amounts, because if I buy three instead of four, “the third will not have a partner.” And, yes, they’re far better than any burger at the Waterfront…

I guess now I can write that book called “What to Expect When You’re Expatriating”

More tomorrow!


~ by parlatorepazzo on March 10, 2008.

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  1. Am I the only one who responds to these things. Is dog doing welll?

  2. two things:

    1. you really didn’t seem to be struggling with your spanish! in fact, it’s pretty awesome!!!

    2. i told you – the best hamburgers / cheeseburgers are in caballito. take the 55 bus to the corner of acoyte and rivadavia. two blocks away, there’s a new zealand bar called “the oldest”. burgers as big as your head. in fact, let’s go this week! you free wednesday?

  3. I guess you finally understand how I missed my venerated Mediterranean cuisine when I had to swallow some kind of burger cheese during my stay in San Diego… ; )
    Your italian-spanish sounds good (I promise!) so, don’t worry and be more daring! No dejes que las mujeres argentinas se pierdan una buena conversacion contigo!
    Miss you!
    Lots of kisses!!!
    Marta (sorry for all my mistakes…my english is getting poor!)

  4. The Junior Joneses send a big “Howdy” from the ol’ ranch. The little farts miss Uncle Puke.

  5. Hi Ry…you haven’t been there long enough yet to be homesick! But coming from u I understand …. ha ha! I miss you and bella and hope that my baby is doing well :). I remember the empenadas and one sounds amazing right now! yum call me if you get a chance just wanted to catch up!!!
    love, wendi

  6. Dude! You are too funny! I wish I could be there for the Ryan1-Ryan2 party. But I’ll be thinking of you while I’m in Boston with the giant asshole and her new husband celebrating their matrimony with a bunch of Massholes!

    Job is great, met a comedian from Boston this past weekend-GREAT story! And I’ll be sure to have a Waterfront burger for you next time I’m there which for a while was at least twice a week!

    Anyway, miss you! Glad to see you’re having fun and making friends. Give Bella big hugs and kisses for me. XOXOXO


  7. Glad you’re getting over the hump of homesickness. Go to McDonald’s, that should make u feel more at home.

    tu hermanita

  8. what’s a burger cheese?

  9. I miss Bella. Is it COLD at night? I drove by your place last weekend…looked like a great party! 🙂

  10. More pictures of Bella would be nice, maybe the ocean too! Ha! Is your pencil broken? M. in Ca.

  11. About hamburgers: IN-N-OUT opening here today. Heidi and I send our love. Reading the comments, Bella has a big following. Take care of her…and yourself. Gma bj

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