One quick night in LA

After going on and on for months about the “Asia trip”, it’s funny how the first real stop on the journey was actually Los Angeles.

It really is a shame and entirely my own lameness that, before last night, I had never been to LA to visit Ryan. Over the last three years, he’s come down to San Diego on countless occasions to spend the weekend with me, and I’m glad, albeit a bit ashamed, that I was able to enjoy my last 16 hours in the US in this environment.

After picking me up at Union Station and grabbing a glass of wine at his place, we went to Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo. Most likely this was the best sushi I’ve ever had. Tried a few new things like sea urchin, which has always scared me due to other peoples horror stories but was creamy and delightful, an interesting dish of monkfish liver (picture attached), and red snapper that we were commanded to eat only with a slight pinch of salt…”noooo soysauce!” The snapper, yes simple red snapper, was the tastiest piece of fish that I’ve ever eaten.

Being in the adventurous spirit, we stopped into one of the many Japanese markets in Little Tokyo and, as I imagine will be a common theme once he meets me in Bali, talked Ryan into buying some dried small crabs and dried cuttlefishstrips. Ryan actually seemed to enjoy chewing on the dried squid and was plowing into the latter, while washing it down with wine. Don’t think that’s going to make the cover of Saveur. The crabs were crunchy and nasty…with a taste resembling the dried cat food that I was dared to eat when I was 6, which inspired me to try feeding it to Ryan’s cat. No dice.

Yeah, so about the cat… Spartacus apparently loves shoes…and by love I mean he likes to bury his front paws into them, and nest on top of them. I thought it was a fluke until I saw him do it three different times with three different pairs of shoes…in about a five minute span. Did I take pictures? Well, duh, And, of each individual shoe molestation.

After being haunted by the restless dream of missing my flight, and having to hire a formula one driver who mistakenly drove me to the San Diego airport instead of LAX, I made it on time to the gate where I await my 1130 boarding.



~ by parlatorepazzo on February 26, 2009.

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  1. hey! that’s that guy!!! *wave* hiii ryannn-two!!

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